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    Unhappy complete noob with noob problems, please help

    I've just installed Mandriva, and as a first-time Linux user I have to say it was a lot easier than I expected. Unfortunately, it's not working like it should.

    1. No wireless network. I have ndiswrapper and have tried to use this. I have located the rt73.inf file on the CD, which I believe is the correct file, and I have hit 'next'. It then tells me 'unable to find the ndiswrapper interface'. So this is not good. So I thought, why not download it again and see if that will help. I followed the tutorial that seemed to do the trick, but again I hit a snag: I got the archive thingy from the download site, but can't unzip it, it says 'not in gzip format'. I've tried using winrar (in windows) to unzip it and copy the folder, this seems to work but then I hit another problem: it says to type in
    make install
    but when I do this, it says
    bash: make: command not found
    So, I have no internet.

    2. No sound. This is fairly simple. I have a Creative SB Audigy 4 which works fine under Windows but doesn't seem to work with Linux. There are two (that I can find) mixer utilities, aumix and KMix. I have run both of these and all the volume switches are at 100% but there is no sound. When I listen with headphones, there is a slight hiss which changes volume as I move the volume on the master switch, so clearly something somewhere is working but no actual sound.

    3. Can't change resolution and/or refresh rate. It is stuck at 1024x768 @76hz which is giving me a headache.

    Can any of you kind clever people help with this? Thanks

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    Install make through urpmi
    Maybe you got a tar.bz2 instead or tar.gz?

    Install alsa-utils through urpmi
    Run "alsaconf"

    nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf or pico /etc/X11/xorg.conf
    At the end of the file add the resolution you want in front of the rest in every line specifing resolutions

    To cnahge the refresh rate, chage HorizSync and VertSync to the values specified in your monitor manual

    Hope something help
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