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Thread: install sources

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    install sources

    I use easyurpmi to add install sources on Mandriva 2007
    But I keep getting faulty md5 checks and so on, so i'm not able to install most of the available programs..

    Need help...

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    Hi - someone will probably throw rocks at me for saying this, but I don't like easyurpmi all that much. Why? Because I think it goes out of date too often.

    It's quite useful as a way to identify useful mirror sites though. The most likely explanation is that those mirrors aren't completely up-to-date. There are some Mandriva mirrors in Oslo (I think I've used them myself) and if you can track those down, they are closer to you. Not that this should matter, but it's what I do.

    I think it's useful to add mirror sites manually. For example (and I've made up this URL for demo purposes so please read the manual): as root ...

    urpmi.addmedia Oslo with ../media/updates/

    It's a good habit to get into using urpmi manually to avoid disappointment. Once you have a good list of mirror sites you need to syncronise your rpm database with them regularly. For example (as root):

    urpmi.update -a && urpmi --auto-select

    As long as you have a mirror site which deals with system updates, that should ensure you stay nice and secure. It can also (occasionally) break other packages*, so please take care.

    ::Edit:: * Well okay ... maybe it won't break other packages but it can slow them down. My copy of Totem works but behaves oddly.
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