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Thread: Sound problems

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    Sound problems

    Im having some sound problems in FireFox. Can't play my Amarok and open a video (like from youtube) in firefox until I close one or the other. Also, MPlayer plug in for firefox does not out put any sound. With flash it will, but not MPlayer.

    I suspect that it has something to do with ALSA, but I have everything I can think of set to use ALSA. Im pretty new so I might have missed something. If you could help me fix this that would be great.



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    Hi - Wow, a lot of people bring this up. To be honest, I've never managed to resolve this myself. I've learned that Mandriva doesn't handle multiple sound events well (probably for good reasons!) If you aren't getting sound in YouTube from time to time it might be because there's another sound event still queued up somewhere.

    I've had to resort to closing FireFox and starting it again to get sound to work sometimes. It's worth going into your sound settings and enabling duplex support for your card. IMHO ALSA is the best sound server to use. It seems to have more support - and fewer bugs - than some of the others.

    The only solution I have at the moment is to suggest that you don't 'over-commit' your system with too many sound events.
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    Yeah, I hear ya. And, that's how I get YouTube to work is by closing what is originally playing, then closing firefox and reopening firefox with youtube. I get that to work. Kind of a bummer cant have them both playing at the same time... but that I can live with, but everything quicktime I open with MPlayer plug in nothing audio plays, the video is there, but no audio, even if I close and reopen it, etc. Oh well, guess I'll tinker with it till I get it working the way I want it too. If anyone has any other suggestions, please do share.

    PS: I got this same problem to work in Ubuntu, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to do the changes in Mandriva... as it's a bit different.

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