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    Mouse problem in Mandrake

    I installed Mandrake Linux 10.1 alongside Windows XP (on another hard drive).
    So now I have a dual-boot system and everything seems to run perfectly...
    except my mouse doesn't work. It just stays fixed in the middle of the screen.

    It is really important that I get the mouse to work. I've tried usb mice and

    ps2 mice, but none work. Installing another linux distro is not an option, and

    I'd only do a kernel recompile as a last resort.

    This shouldn't really be too hard for you linux gurus.
    I'd really appreciate it if anyone could help me -- you'd save my life, and

    have my eternal thanks!

    IDE ATA drives:
    hda: 80GB - Windows XP Professional SP2
    hdb: none
    hdc: 80GB - Mandrake Linux 10.1
    hdd: Sony CD/DVD-Rom

    I use NTLDR (windows' bootloader) as my default bootloader, which in turn

    chainloads LILO for Mandrake.

    I don't get any error messages at boot.

    My usb is a standard onboard usb 2.0 socket, and my motherboard is a Gigabyte

    2004 GT model, if this helps.

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    That's a strange one! I've never had a mouse problem with any Mandriva distro. Try going into the mcc (Mandriva Control Centre) ... I think it's under 'hardware'. From the menu it would be 'Configure my Computer.' I'm not working on a *nix box at the moment so can't be more precise than that.

    Then find the mouse settings and choose something generic if you can't find your own make/model. I'm pretty sure we should be able to resolve this.
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    Thanks for the help! After doing a little tweaking myself, I found the Control Center and it was a breeze to install the mouse.
    I also had some problems with sound, but again, the control center came to the rescue.
    I'm amazed at how easy you can change settings, install packages, and tweak around with the system. Already I'm considering wiping Windows off the hdd!
    Anyway, I'm now watching some DVD's on Linux

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