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    Mandriva 2007 Problems

    I am using Mandriva fro the past three years as a desktop and started with Mandrake 9.1.

    The first Mandriva that really worked problem free for me, was LE 2005. Mandriva 2006 was a mess and I tried the x-mas version as well as the later one. There were many things that did not work so I had to stick to 2005 LE.

    I downloaded the Mandriva 2007 DVD version and although there are a couple of nice improvements like speed (it really is fast), it has some serious flaws and I wondered if anybody could help me with some.

    1. By far the most serious is a problem in OO 2.0.3. OO Writer does not want to open any files from the menu and it freezes my computer if i want to save a document. I am pretty pissed with this as a tital freeze up is something I have not experienced since moving to Linux. And of course as a desktop one must have a office package. I am not going to move to K-Office as too many of my documents are now OO.

    2. Kpilot managed to erase the entire calender and t-do list after syncing my Palm Tungsten E2. Syncing with my palm device worked perfect for the past three years. This is also serious for me.

    3. Another problem, is that there are many programs that, although installed by default, does not appear on k-menu.

    Does anybody know when updates will be available to solve these problems?

    Mandriva disappointed me with two distro's in a row and I am a bit loyal, but after trying Kubuntu (a really great distro, but I hate Sudo and it had some other problems with the installer that could not keep user data for new isntalls) and saw how polished a version could be, it seems like time to try some other distro's. It seems to me Mandriva is starting to lost the lead it once had quite fast.

    I am currently downloading Fedora Core 5 and will try SUSE 10.1 as well.

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    Hi - I understand your point of view ... I've stuck with Mandriva 2006 this time around, because from past experience I know the kind of cycle you can get stuck in if you keep upgrading. For me it was something like this:
    1. install Mandriva and be more or less happy with it apart from a couple of issues;
    2. wait until the next release, read a positive review and be tempted to upgrade because of the 'Wow' factor;
    3. upgrade and find that things are much as before ... It's okay but 'If only I could resolve those issues I have with ... '

    I don't think you'll have to wait long for updates, and I'm surprised you've had issues with Mandriva 2006. On my system that's been the most stable version so far. Even now there are one or two problems, but I think you'll find that with any distro.

    Perhaps you could uninstall your current version of Open Office and revert to an earlier one? Or wait for those updates, or even return to an earlier distro.
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