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    Quote Originally Posted by greatkingrat
    Got the drivers installed finally, learned alot along the way as well

    yeah, i understand it's no easy task to get wine running, i've played around with it a bit before. but not much

    new issue is kde keeps crashing after i change the style, but i stuck that in a new thread being it's a different issue all together ><
    Good to hear. One thing you might find useful now is to open a terminal and type glxgears . That will give you your frames per second (FPS). That's a good measure of how well some games are likely to run (and some applications as well ... particularly video players). To quit out of glxgears just press q .
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    so i'd heard, however glxgears does not seem to ship with mandriva free 2007 86_64....not in the packages, command doesn't work, i noticed that cause i had heard before to test it. however it seems i can't....

    EDIT : got it, full screen though it's not running to well, 620 fps.... got a 5900xt (oc'd version) not a great card but from what i've seen of the benchmarking on that, somethings wrong, or maybe they're running it in the default window size

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