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    Network install - no root partition error

    hi, ive been attempting to install mandrake via a network install, everything appears to be configured correctly the nfs server etc etc, but i recieve an error relaiting to partitioning when attempting to do an install.

    insert network.img floopy [the syslinux.cfg file has been edited - will post contents if needed.]
    boot pc
    recieve linux 'install screen'
    press enter
    reads floopy
    askes for network drivers floopy
    insert floopy
    reads floopy
    appears to assign ip and connect to server correctly (assuming it connects due to next steps)
    enters and appears to set
    keyboard, language etc (i dont have the full list with me as this happens in uni and i am unable to replicate the enviroment at home)
    then once reachin the partition section of the 'network install' i recieve:

    oops, no root partition at /usr/bin/perl-install/ line 204
    i feel that i have had to have missed something somewhere and a google of the above error doesnt help me any, the only possible area that i could think of this resulting from is from the auto_inst.cfg file but seeing as this isnt on the boot floopy or anywhere else that i can find im assuming that the file isnt being used so therefor it cannot be due to that file.

    any help would be greatly appreciated as this is driving me nuts.

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    I must apologise for not being able to sit down and type a reply sooner - im sorry.
    ok it turns out (as usual) its something that i missed - actually it was several things:

    To summarise a rather long story at fixing the root partition error, my problems arose from the auto_instal.cfg:
    first off i didn't have the file located on the network drivers floppy disk (well to be honest i thought the network drivers disk only had network drivers on it ) finally after anciently placing it on the incorrect (or i thought so at the time) floppy and getting a little further in the process i realised that it had to be placed on the network drivers disk.

    next came the problems within the auto_instal.cfg file itself:

    i also assumed that due to previous values within the file begin in quotes that the partitioning values had to be in quotes - they don't as these values are numeric. i think i also had a contradictory setting with one of my options but seeing as it was a while ago that i solved this problem im not 100% sure.

    reflecting on the amount of time i spent on this and the simple solutions to my problem i have to admit i feel a little well stupid - nothing new there then

    if anyone else has the same problem and would like a check list of what to check then ive included an extract from my own how to guide for auto install which covers my handling of this error:

    However if after the "Entering step 'Partitioning'" message, you receive an error similar to the following:

    oops, no root partition at /usr/bin/perl-install/ line XXX"

    Please note that the line number depends upon the distribution version in use, then this is a problem with your auto_instal.cfg file located on the network drivers floppy. Please check the following:

    1) The auto_instal.cfg file is located on the Network Drivers Floppy disk.
    2) Check that the values within the partitioning section are not in quotes.
    3) Check the values set within the partitioning section are not contradictory.
    4) Ensure that when auto_allocate is set to 1 that the partitions section exists.
    5) Check the values entered within the partitions section have correct syntax.
    7) Set the partitioning section to use existing partitions, if the installation then works you've made a mistake within the partitions section.
    6) If all else fails use 'partitioning' and 'partitions' sections from a automatically generate Automated Instillation disk.

    if anyone needs an hand with dealing with this or wants a copy of the guide i am more then happy to pass it on.
    faith love and respect

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