Hi, I have a problem with my Mandriva 2007 Powerpack installation.

If I install with ACPI on, my ethernet card works fine (which gives me access to the net) however my DVD Burner is not being found.

If I install with ACPI off, the reverse problem occurs.

Also drak3d. The problem I have here, is it tells me to log off after configuration. However, when I get the configuration program running, I dont have a task bar, at all (this is when I try to run it as the default gui), hence I cannot logout, and then CTRL ALT Backspace to restart the x server. Basically all I can do post configuration is the CTRL ALT Backspace. tricky I just dont know how to initiate a log out from an X server without any options from the right mouse, and the absence of any menu/task bar.

My problem with ACPI is the most severe.

Hope someone has an idea it would be very helpful.

My Burner is a Pioneer K-16
My Ethernet is a Intel Realtek 8169
Its on my laptop which has a dual core 2600
2GB Ram 7900 GTX 512Mb Graphics Card
17" WUXGA Screen
Its in a Clevo m570U

Hope some one has an idea, it would be appreciated