So its not like bittorrent filesharing application you install as with windows xp etc ?

I tried to re-install off disc but it would not do as before stating this

[root@homeputer martin]# urpmi bittorrent
no package named bittorrent
The following packages contain bittorrent:
[root@homeputer martin]#

I found these packages but i could not enable them

Sorry, the following package(s) can't be selected:

perl-Net-BitTorrent-LibBT-Tracker-0.0.18-1mdv2007.0.i586 (due to unsatisfied perl(Net::BitTorrent::LibBTT))

Sorry, the following package(s) can't be selected:

php-pear-File_Bittorrent-0.1.6-7mdv2007.0.noarch (due to unsatisfied pear(PHP/Compat.php))

Any suggestions

Should i do a re-instal of linux or is it incapable of filesharing.I assumed bittorrent was a program [well it is with windows] that you installed then it acted as a filesharing server application. If its just for downloading drivers movie clips shareware etc then i am not that concerned about having it.