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    cannot install latest bittorent on mandriva 2007

    [root@localhost Desktop]# urpmi BitTorrent-5.0.1-1-Python2.4.noarch.rpm
    Some requested packages cannot be installed:
    BitTorrent-5.0.1-1.noarch (due to unsatisfied python-psyco)

    I tried finding the python-psyco package which i managed to find in :

    then when trying to install python-psyco it tells me :
    invalid Python installation: unable to open /usr/lib/python2.4/config/Makefile (No such file or directory)

    Any help will be appreciated

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    i dunno if i will be much help, but when i was installing my packages (from configure your computer) i saw alot of python packages there, so maybe go to where all your packages are and see if there is some python packages that still need to be installed :S

    meh sorri if i wsant mcuh help

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    i already did this but i didn't find any package that could actually help. most were security updates . Thanks for trying to help anyway . Anyone else please ?

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    "python-psyco" is available in the Mandriva repository.

    You should be able to install it like that :
    urpmi python-psyco
    If not, check your /etc/urpmi/urpmi.conf configuration file. You might want to reconfigure it using those instructions :

    "python-psyco" is in the main section of the official repository. If you can't fix "urpmi" then you can download the file directly from any of the mirrors. This one for example :
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    I am in the same boat ..even worse its my first install of linux [lovely] but i don't know how to get Bittorrent to work. I downloaded version 5.0.1.e but it will not run.It wants an application to do so and presents a list. I doubt i have the app required how do you get bittorent to work.
    I installed as instructed but nothing.
    I think when i installed mandriva 2007 i did not install the file sharing package..not sure though..Help please and a big thanks 1st post

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    my problem was solved... Just go to the urpmi webpage that antidrugue posted and update your urpmi configuration. Then just do urpmi bittorrent and it will download/install the latest installable version which was 4.20 for me . It just doesn't install the latest version

    btw thanks for the help antidrugue

    latest version says unsatisfied python-crypto [>=2.0] ... And yes i have pycrypto installed so i shouldn't get this error !

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    What is urpmi.. how do you update configuration etc..well basically can you take me through it.A little brief explanation please..Thanks
    I don't want to install wrong thing

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    i am no expert myself (actually linux newbie ) but from what i understood urpmi is something similar to rpm , a package installer . But it will look on the net for the package you specify ,download it and install it for you. First you need to update the configuration . The way i did it was complete all the boxes on easyurpmi webpage and at the end i copy-pasted the output it made in the console. keep in my mind that it will take some time till completely updating it .

    then do urpmi bittorrent and write yes when it asks you to get the dependencies too.

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    Well i tried ..but struggling is the console actually "Konsole" which mirror site did you use and which version of mandriva do you have [mine is the free mandriva 2007 edition].

    All i could find was

    I worked through the boxes as follows:

    easy uprimi>2007 official Architecture i586 package uprimi

    Mandrikversion 7>source main Australia..etc

    Then step 3 i cut and pasted into konsole

    I ended up with error

    To be honest i need to find exactly what version i have.its easyin windows xp but how do you find the version in linux.

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    well i have mandriva powerpack 2007 .. dunno about the error...

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