I'd not booted into Linux for a few weeks, being stuck on a Windows project, and now I can't. Everything stops with the error "Kernel panic: Resume machine: unable to find suspended-data signature ( - mispelled?", right after "resuming from device hdg6". I've tried all the options that the Mandrake autoconfigured LiLo gives me, and they all result in the same thing, except the Linux-smp option, which instead returns the error "Kernel panic: no init found. Try passing init= option to kernel". I must admit I can't remember what all the boot options were for, as I'd never previously had to use any of them other than windows and linux.

I've made one hardware change since I last successfully booted into Linux, which is the addition of a SATA hard drive on a Silicon Raid controller. Both my main hard drives are SATA, however, and disabling the Raid controller in BIOS, thus removing access to the new drive, doesn't make a difference.

It is just possible that the 2 main SATA drives swapped positions on the interface during the installation of the new drive, but I've tried swapping them over and it makes no difference.

I'm running Mandrake 10.0

What might be causing this problem, and how might I bypass it?