Hallo. I have tried to install Mandriva 2007 several times with differen
confiurations, but with no succes. Ithink i've done something wrong
whith the configuration or with the passwords.
i'm connected to a broadband ( Kemab ) and have selected Ethernet and Mannually enter of IP, Gateway and DNS. Connection to Internet
seems to work when it looks for updates during installation.
I've not configurd any E-mail as far as i know.
During Boot the message "Kemab login" comes up and and i've tried
the login and password i've got from Kemab and got " Login incorrect ".
Even tried to make an installation without Internet and Web configurated
but the same messages comes up.
So, whats wrong.
My next question is how to do an removal of my Linux installation.
It's installed on an separate HD and Windows is on the other.
Thanks in advance for any help.