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    swap problem when booting


    I have a problem with my Mandora platform when I boot.

    It is a problem with the swap that I cannot solve.

    Here is the message I have:
    ... swapon: /dev/Volgroup00-logVol01 : device or ressource busy

    Thank in advance for any help

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    That's odd. Try this:
    grep swap /etc/fstab
    You should see one line. Mine says:

    /dev/hda5 swap swap defaults 0 0

    If you see some of that Volgroup stuff, then it's coming from /etc/fstab. You might try just editing it to look something like mine (of course you have to have the right partition).

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    It looks like your swap partition is actually a logical volume, and I don't think that will work. I think swap has to be a regular partition.
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    I have to admit that I am far from being a linux expert. I try to read manuals but I really don't have the mind of a programmer ...

    I have to say a word about the way I installed Mandriva. Before I had Fedora core 5 installed on my computer, in an extended partition. When I moved to Mandriva 2006, during the partionning step, everything has been done automatically. I think it used fedora's partitions.
    I remember I had a volgroup00 with three logical volumes: logvol00 (/ root), logvol01 (swap), logvol02 (/home).

    So, I deleted the swap partition that was in the logical volume.
    I created a new partition, sda6, in the extended partition where I have Mandriva Linux.
    Also I did:
    >mkswap /dev/sda6
    >swapon /dev/sda6
    and I added "/dev/hdxx swap swap sw 0 0" in the file " /etc/fstab".

    I don't have anymore problem when I boot.

    If I do:
    >swapon -s
    I have:
    >Filename Type Size Used Priority
    >/dev/sda6 partition 2048248 0 -1

    It seems to be ok ...

    I still have a problem when I shutdown:

    Unmounting file systems:
    Shutting down LVM: /dev/dvd : open failed : No medium found
    Can't desactivate volume group "VolGroup00" with 1 open logical volume(s) [Failed]

    Before I made the changes regarding swap, I had something similar with
    LogGroup00-LogVol01 (that was the swap).

    Any other good idea ?


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    There are 2 problems here.

    The reference to /dev/dvd can be sorted by adding a line to /etc/lvm/lvm.conf to tell LVM to ignore unsuitable devices. The line should be something like:

    filter = ["r|/dev/dvd|"]

    The r means reject (ignore) and it is followed by a regular expression to match the devices to ignore. Make sure such a line is placed BEFORE any line of the form:

    filter = ["a/.*/"]

    which means accept everything!

    The second message about not being able to deactivate the volume group "VolGroup00" makes sense as I think this is your root partition. It can't deactivate that because the shutdown script is running from it! I don't know of a way round that but maybe it doesn't matter.


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