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    Partition help please

    I dual boot with windows and have an HP recovery console. all three OSes run from different partition. Linux runs on 3 partitions for a total of 6 partitions.
    sda1:Windows partition, 184GB
    sda5:A partition i made so that I can exchange files between the two OSes I use. mount-point: root/mnt/xchange,FAT32
    sda6:Linux partition, mount-pount:root/
    sda7:Linux partition, mount-point:swap
    sda8:Linux Partition, mount-point:root/home
    sda2:HP Recovery Console partition.

    I have everything running in a stable manner using the LILO bootloader.
    I just have this one tiny problem with sda5, unless I have root permissions I cannot create, delete, or modify files!
    I wish for this disk to be open to all users of this machine.
    As root i tried:
    chmod a+rwx /mnt/xchange
    to give all users full access to the disk but I don't know if that's the right command to use.

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    are you mounting this partition manually?
    lof in as root and add this code in /etc/fstab file
    /dev/sda5     /mnt/xchange    vfat     defaults,umask=0 0 0
    after adding this line, press Enter key to add a 'blank line'. Last line must be blank in fstab file.
    save file and reboot. FAT32 will be automounted and all users will have read/write access.

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