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Thread: Theme problem

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    Theme problem

    I had this problem before, but ignored it, being as i'm reinstalling to a new hard drive, i'd like to address it now.

    Themes screw everything up.

    when i change them once, it's fine, if i try a second theme, the blue bars at teh top of windows disapear, the "start" menu and bar disapears, adn no matter what i do short of deleting the user i can't get it back.

    was hopeing the dvd installation would fix it this time , maybe i had a corrupt cd, but no.

    any ideas? very difficult to work like this lol

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    Strangely enough, that happens to me when I mess aroung with the language settings...
    I have to keep everything in English, even regional settings.
    Do you use Xgl? Try disabling it to see if it works alright.

    Also, where do you get themes from? I can't seem to find one to install correctly...

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    i'll try the xgl thing first thing tomarrow, see if that fix's it.
    I just have a few that come with mandriva, though theres a link as well...i'm in windoze right now, i'll make sure and post it tomarrow, has quite a few kde themes on teh site.

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    i had a question that sort of went along these lines...everytime i minimize something, it disappears! it doesnt just go down to the taskbar, it totally disappears from view! for example, if i change the background, and minimize the window, i cant get it back up. the only way i can change the background again if i do this is to end the session and start a new one! i havent changed any of the settings for hiding or anything, and i remember it working fine before, but now they just vanish. anybody?

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    could anybody help me out with this...? ive learned not to minimize windows, but i would like to have things running the way they should. is there just a setting i have to change back that im missing...? thanks.

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    Does this happen with a specific theme? If it does, it could be that the theme you installed has a bug. Perhaps the minimize button isn't really a minimize button?

    Try going back to the theme manager and installing the default theme. If you can minimize after that, then you just have a bad theme.

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    well, actually, no. it happens no matter what theme i have.

    what leads me to believe the windows are being minimized is (one) the fact that i cant open that particular program or destination again (because its already running, SOMEWHERE) and also, when i go to end the session, i can see everything that i had open come up on the screen while its all being terminated.

    minimize USED TO WORK, a really long time ago when i actually just installed mandriva...but i must have done SOMETHING that would cause it to malfunction.

    i dont school has a linux support group, so i might have to just to take my system to school one of these days and figure it out with them. im actually considering switching to fedora core 6...but thats the least of my concerns right now. thanks!

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    What about the Linux equivelent to coolswitch? Have you tried alt+tab?

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    i dont know about that, but ill try it when i get a chance. thanks

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