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    USB device access

    I'm sorry to ask this question, because it must get asked all the time, but I couldn't find the answer searching after searching for twenty minutes. I just installed Mandriva and I want access to the USB device where I've backed up all my files. The OS won't give me access to do anything. I set my security to high when I installed. (I thought high meant security relative to the internet and not to physical devices, but from what I read I was wrong.)

    So, how can I change my security to something lower and more reasonable? Or at least how I get acces to my file on the USB device?

    Thanks! & many apologies if this is the fiftieth time this question has been asked.

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    I am a noob with Linux but in my Mandriva LE 2005 I can change the security level by going to: System -> Configuration -> Configure your Computer -> Security.

    I have setted the basic level to high and left everything else to its default. For this reason I don't think you have a security level problem.

    Just a question. Did you check your file /etc/fstab? It should contain a row like the following one.

    /dev/sda1 /mnt/removable vfat pamconsole,exec,noauto,noatime,sync,codepage=850,i ocharset=iso8859-1,managed 0 0

    I hope this can help you...

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