Newb running Mandriva 2005 (V.10.x I think) on a Dell Latitude CPx.
NetGear WG511v2 WIFI card (China) pcmcia with NDISWrapper 1.0
Set-up per SourceForge Wiki with good results (eg. sees Linksys wireless-g router with appropriate MAC IP AP and gateway. Signal is 100% and essid is consistant in iwconfig. modprobe wrote clean with ndiswrapper -m command. Hears where it gets dicey.

1. Card will ping router but is kicked backed. Message is "destination unavailable" checkd router settings and everything is open. Also Ping keeps attempting to connect. WHat does this mean? Do I need an arguement so it will only attempt once? How can it see the router and not be able to ping it?

2. When I go to reboot, the card is off. I suspect it is not loading at boot but I am not sure how to fix. Direction says Mandrake uses /ect/modprobe.preload to load modules at boot. But then the directions go on to say to "add a line" ndiswrapper to /ect/modules. Isn't that an entirely different directory? Does it write to /modprobe.preload? How do I get the card to set-up on boot?

Finally I have read the sourceforge stuff, Wiki's, forums and am still trying to get through Jean Tourrilhes. This should tell anyone who is reading this that I know JACK about what I'm doing. Please don't assume I will understand your help first time out if you so decide to respond. I had read that the WIN 2000 drivers were the only ones working with the kernal. While the WIN xp drivers did cause instability when I attempted to load through GUI, drivers seemed solid when I manually loaded through the console. The WIN 2000 drivers came back as wrong drivers in ndiswrapper -l. What do I know! Hope someone can help or pointme in the right direction. Thanks in advance for your time.