Hi forum,
I am new to Linux. I have just started using it since last couple of weeks. I have faced a series of problems in installation and configuring the system. Most of the problems are now solved. However, I have one problem that drives my nuts. When I click on Log off from any user in Mandriva, the system opens usual logoff confirmation screen (with end session or cancel option). When I click on End session, the system logs me off without any problem. When I try to login again either in same user or in other user, Mandriva freezes half way and doesn't go ahead. I have to reboot the system either by going to command prompt (using CTRL+ALT+F1) or by switching it off. I doubt the problem related to splash loading. By the way, I am using KDM as log in manager.
I have no problem with loging in after restarting the system or even after switch user (lock session and loging in to other user). Even restart option from Mandriva KDE GUI works fine. The errata I read somewhere says this is a problem and I should restart instead of end session option.
I am curious to know whether this problem is faced frequently. If not then I will appreciate any help in this matter.

Thanks a lot.