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    Internet Connection Sharing Troubles

    I originally posted this on a different thread as sort of a "hey! Me, Too!", but got no replies.

    I am running a Dual-boot machine with winxp and Mandriva 2007; the mobo has an integrated network adapter, and an add-on 3com network card as well.

    I have a second machine that is running a fresh install of vector linux 5.8

    I built a crossover cable to connect the vector linux machine to the xp/mandriva machine.

    In XP, with ics enabled, the vector linux machine is able to get online with no trouble.
    However, if I boot up to mandriva, the vector linux machine cannot connect.

    I followed the steps posted by sinekt; no joy.

    Am I missing something obvious on the mandriva setup?
    I hate to change the vector linux settings, since it connects through XP with no problems, so there must be something missing in the mandriva machine.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    That's the standard howto on the subject. I did it a couple
    of years ago, but would have to read it again if i wanted to set
    up internet connection sharing again. In the end it's just a few lines
    in a configuration file that enables NAT routing.

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    Thanks a million!

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    I'm buried in this ICS problem myself and 20.000 million billion billion pages to read isn't exactly what I love to do... can U tell me what U did, Snurfle? I'm soon gonna have a nervous breakdown on this problem..

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    Reading is an essential part of Linux. You will gain the knowledge you need to setup and trouble shoot your Linux Apps.

    Unfortunatly Windows has made things too automated for users and therefore they never get to see what truly happens in the configuration of things like ICS.

    Sorry I got off topic, but this is advice from a New User to another New User

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    Sure, the best thing for anyone is to read hundreds of useless information in the hope that you'll eventually find what you're looking for. If I read those pages in the link and I don't find what I need, may I slowly and painfully kill you?

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    It includes configuration and testing sections...but I guess you have to read.

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