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Thread: I need Help

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    I need Help

    OK i am really tryng to suport this Linux comunity i belive in the things they are doing, and i hope i dont offend anyone here with what i am about to say. And maybe someone could also help me understand linux a lot better.

    1) i been using windows all my life, i never used anything esle and i belive microsoft has kept me back a lot with their opperating sistem.

    2) I find it verry difficult do to just about anything the the very basic fuctions on linux, i tried feodora core 6, red hat 9, suse 10.1 madriva, and now i want to try umbuntu. Do things really have to be so difficult?????? I mean i wanted to do a basic function instal a program called VLC player, in windows it just instals by itself, in linux it gave me this

    VLC media player for Linux Mandrake x86

    Thanks to Götz Waschk who maintains these packages !
    Mandrake 10.2, 10.1, 10.0, 9.1, 9.2, Community and Cooker

    To install the latest VLC packages, add the following sources for your Mandrake version (you can use Easy urpmi for that):

    * contrib from the core distribution;
    * plf (Penguin Liberation Front) from the external add-ons.

    Then install the required packages with urpmi:

    # urpmi libdvdcss2 libdvdplay0 wxvlc vlc-plugin-a52 vlc-plugin-ogg vlc-plugin-mad

    ok what do i do with this????? why cant i just download it click on it and instal it????? It gives me some mumbo jumbo which i have absolutlely no clue about what is going on. I dont mean to be a cry baby but i want to use linux.

    SO i thought of something, why dont you guys make a linux thats for stupid people like me, Noob version and advance version, and the noob version should be very very close to windows, now i know what your sayng why dont you stay in windows and live us alone, because i wana use linux :P.

    i really cannot spend a lot of time to learn things, i have a job and a wife and a family time consuming :P anyway please help me guys

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    I found some posts that help a lot



    ohhhhhh and i take back most of the stuff i said up, just because i am sutpid and i have no idea on how to use the prgram dosent mean the operating sistem is no good

    sorry people


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