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    8800 gtx NOT likeing x

    Ok, so i dished out the money for an 8800 gtx. (as a side note, well worth it, i play everything with aa af at 16x and i never drop under 100fps....)

    Either way, when i got it, i went back to windows, to run 3dmark etc and get it tweaked.

    Now i'm installing mandriva 2k7 again, but it's not going as smoothly as usual.
    When it get to the configure gfx part of teh install, i can't pick anythign on teh list that won't fail the test.

    So, i guess my old install does work fine (thought it was broken cause x kept crashing)

    So i ask you, how can i configure x so that this will work?
    Can i jsut grab the nvidia driver off a cd after installing and do it from command line?

    I'm not that good at command line stuff kinda a nub. so how would this work, nav to cd and sh "file name"?

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    The 8800GTX needs the newest driver from nvidia, which I think at this point you can only find at Be sure to look through the README/release notes, because installing will involve some command line stuff.
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    ok, so i installed the kernel source, installed the nvidia drivers (had to load them on to a cd ><) and it gives me an error during install about can't find the right path to x, and that it's going to "guess" the path
    it finish's without any other glitch's and i type startx

    black screen. (after it flickers a bit)



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