I posted this in anohter thread but I cannot seem to find it. My issue is still not resolved.

Every time I start Mandriva Free 2007, I have to use the Windows key to browse to the "configure your computer" icon and arrow down to Hardware, and then tab over to "mouse" in order to get my mouse working. I have to switch from the default generic Explorer/PS2 to a Standard two button mouse and allow it to emulate the third button before either my USB mouse or touchpad will work. Then I switch to USB wheel mouse, and all of my mouse's fatures, including the scroll wheel, will work. I have to go through this EVERY time I restart the computer, but restrting X doesn't give me a problem.

I tried editing my xorg.conf, and even my xorg.conf.old to say IMPS/2, but the mouse still doesn't work.

Every time I go to the mouse section of the Mandrive Linux Control Center, the mouse shows as defaulted to Universal\Any PS/2 & USB mice. The change to USB\Wheel doesn't seem to stick, but I know that it works.

Is there a drakeconf file somewhere in which I need to make a change? Evidently it has something to do with hardware detection on boot. Could it be udev?

I went to /etc/udev/udev.conf and I saw a udev_log="err" but nothing else.

I went to the /etc/udev/udev.d/mouse.conf and it was blank. Is that part of my problem? Perhaps somehow the mouse is disabled at boot during the udev time and udev doesn't write anything here?