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    Modem disaster - Help

    Hi All
    I'm a newbie here and Linux so be kind.
    Well I took the plunge and repartitioned my HD and installed the Mandriva one live CD.
    I got almost all my hardware working except my modem. I didn't give up when Mandriva told me I had to DOWNLOAD "these drivers" for my modem to function.
    That is a ludicrous catch two situation!!!!!
    Well I didn't give up. I shut down and install one of my other modems I have and got the same results. I tried SIX modems, all with different chipsets, and none of them worked. At that point I was almost pissed, but booted windows ME and found some crippled (slow) drivers for a couple of my modems but none of them worked. :P
    After surfing the net for hours with Windows!!!! (firefox). I did manage to find drivers from a manufacturers site for my Jaton Wincomm V92 but the file type is *.tgz . Can I use this type of file with Mandriva ONE and how? Linux does not see my fat32 Win ME partition so I have no choice but to burn it to (yet another coaster) or put them on a floppy.
    At this point I fdisk /mbr and wiped out lilo and also wiped out the Linux partitions and left the HD space (8 gig) unused. Before I install again I have a few questions:
    - Did I choose the wrong distro, are there versions that come with "fully functional" drivers on the CD('s)?
    - Why does it appear that modem drivers are purposely being crippled or hidden?
    - How can I "easily", see and use my fat32 partition?

    Although I am fluent at a DOS prompt, I am dead in the water with terminal commands, so if anybody gives me a command to run for that *.tgz file please include a real example of it's use and not just The syntax.


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    For mounting the FAT32 partition try as root:
    The [MOUNT POINT] is a local directory where you'll see the contents of the windows partition after the mount operation.
    The [DEVICE REFERING TO PARTITION] is a device that species the partition. If it's the first partition on the first harddrive it should be /dev/hda1.

    hda refers to the first disk, hdb to the second and so on. The numerical value should be the number of the partition.
    To unpack tgz files use gzip gzip,you should have that installed with the OS.

    Also, refer to this part of the forum for choosing distribution and other topics.
    Hope this helps

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    Yes, that helped. Can I use c:\ as a mount point?

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    You need to use a Linux directory as a mount point.
    Read this as it applies to all Linux systems.
    and also type man mount in the console to get the manual information for the mount command.
    Linux is a whole different OS so prepare for a learning period.

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    as far as your modems go i think youre running into the WINMODEM issue

    these are modems that were designed with VERY little in the way of hardware, assuming that the OS (windows) would do all the work.

    the problem is when you take them OUT of a windows enviroment, (MAC, Linux whatever) you need to find drivers for them.

    Drivers for Winmodems have come a LONG way in linux, since its VERY hard to find a true hardware modem anymore.

    this article:

    does a decent job of discussing it, but really if mandriva doesnt have the driver in the distro, you may NOT find a distro that has it rolled in.

    HOWEVER, if you REQUIRE a distro that has win drivers built in try Xandros, it has WINE pre installed and uses a LOT of win drivers for devices.

    There is also another company out there, who's name escapes me that makes a very good generic driver for win modems and winlans.

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