I'm trying to get either some shell scripts or certain terminal commands to run on the startup. What I'm looking for is actually on a mandrake computer. I was wondering if anyone could give me a list of all the files i can use for startup. or something among the likes.

So far I've found:
/etc/rc.d/rc.local (dont' know if this file exists cuz i don't have mandrake myself)
/etc/init.d/ (might be able to use for shell scripts but idk, haven't tryed yet)
/etc/conf.d/local.start (maybe this will work?)

My problem with these files so far is cuz i need to do this without having root priveleges. that's kind of the important part.
If anyone is interested or knows anything. the system i'm trying to implement it is an old mandrake computer(mandrake 10).
thx to anyone who can help.