Hi Everyone,

I'm attempting to install Mandriva 2007 on my new external USB hard drive I've bought (it's a 120GB WD Passport one).

I've already installed this distro on the old PC I use for tinkering (on it's internal drive), but I want to use Linux with my laptop without touching the internal drive (a common scenario I expect).

The laptop I have is an HP Pavilion DV2000 - and the problem I'm having is that when the DVD boots and I start to go through the installation steps, when it gets to the partitioning screen, it only shows the internal drive (shown as sda1) - the USB drive isn't available.

I've gone into the BIOS on startup to move the boot order of the USB hard drive to top of the list - and had thought this would have been enough for it to be recognised. The drive itself is straight out of the packaging, and has a single FAT32 partition.

Can anyone shed some light on what the problem here is? I've read other accounts saying that Mandriva installed onto an external hard drive with no problems ... I'd like to be able to do the same

Many thanks.