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    Mounted NTFS File system, can't access


    As many here, im fairly new to Linux so hope this isn't a really obvious question. Have been trying to access my NTFS drive from Mandriva, after reading around, I've edited my /etc/fstab to enable users to mount the NTFS drive:

    # NTFS
    /dev/hdb1 /mnt/hdb ntfs umask=0,user,auto,ro,exec,users 0 0

    and created the directory

    mkdir /mnt/hdb

    Now, as specified in the options, users can mount the drive and it auto mounts on startup. Great. The only thing is, only root can seem to access it and the /mnt/hdb/ folder appears as locked to all other users. I've tried changind the permissions with chmod 755 but this doesn't appear to make any difference once the drive is mounted.

    Can anyone tell me where im going wrong?



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    Thanks Benerivo,

    Managed to get it working from your first example, guess it was something to do with the umask=0022 or nls=utf8 options.


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