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Thread: wine help

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    wine help

    Well, I installed the wine package, and it didn't work
    [ghosts@localhost Desktop]$ wine
    Usage: wine PROGRAM [ARGUMENTS...]   Run the specified program
           wine --help                   Display this help and exit
           wine --version                Output version information and exit
    [ghosts@localhost Desktop]$ wine help
    wine: could not load L"c:\\windows\\system32\\help.exe": Module not found
    [ghosts@localhost Desktop]$
    So I tried un-installing it...
    [ghosts@localhost Desktop]$ rpm e- wine
    RPM version 4.4.6
    Copyright (C) 1998-2002 - Red Hat, Inc.
    This program may be freely redistributed under the terms of the GNU GPL
    Usage: rpm [-aKfgpWHqV] [-aKfgpWHqVcdils] [-aKfgpWHqVcdilsaKfgpWHqV] [-aKfgpWHqVcdilsaKfgpWHqV] [-aKfgpWHqVcdilsaKfgpWHqV] [-aKfgpWHqVcdilsaKfgpWHqVK] [-aKfgpWHqVcdilsaKfgpWHqVK] [-aKfgpWHqVcdilsaKfgpWHqVKi] [-aKfgpWHqVcdilsaKfgpWHqVKiv] [-aKfgpWHqVcdilsaKfgpWHqVKiv] [-aKfgpWHqVcdilsaKfgpWHqVKiv?] [-a|--all] [-f|--file] [-g|--group]
            [-p|--package] [-W|--ftswalk] [--pkgid] [--hdrid] [--fileid]
            [--specfile] [--triggeredby] [--whatrequires] [--whatprovides]
            [--nomanifest] [-c|--configfiles] [-d|--docfiles] [--dump] [-l|--list]
            [--queryformat=QUERYFORMAT] [-s|--state] [--nofdigests] [--nofiles]
            [--nodeps] [--noscript] [--comfollow] [--logical] [--nochdir]
            [--nostat] [--physical] [--seedot] [--xdev] [--whiteout]
            [--addsign] [-K|--checksig] [--delsign] [--import] [--resign]
            [--nodigest] [--nosignature] [--initdb] [--rebuilddb] [--aid]
            [--allfiles] [--allmatches] [--badreloc] [-e|--erase <package>+]
            [--excludedocs] [--excludepath=<path>] [--fileconflicts] [--force]
            [-F|--freshen <packagefile>+] [-h|--hash] [--ignorearch] [--ignoreos]
            [--ignoresize] [-i|--install] [--justdb] [--nodeps] [--nofdigests]
            [--nocontexts] [--noorder] [--nosuggest] [--noscripts]
            [--notriggers] [--oldpackage] [--percent] [--prefix=<dir>]
            [--relocate=<old>=<new>] [--repackage] [--replacefiles]
            [--replacepkgs] [--test] [-U|--upgrade <packagefile>+]
            [-D|--define 'MACRO EXPR'] [-E|--eval 'EXPR'] [--macros=<FILE:...>]
            [--nodigest] [--nosignature] [--rcfile=<FILE:...>] [-r|--root ROOT]
            [--querytags] [--showrc] [--quiet] [-v|--verbose] [--version]
            [-?|--help] [--usage] [--scripts] [--setperms] [--setugids]
            [--conflicts] [--obsoletes] [--provides] [--requires] [--suggests]
            [--enhances] [--info] [--changelog] [--xml] [--yaml] [--triggers]
            [--last] [--dupes] [--filesbypkg] [--fileclass] [--filecolor]
            [--filecontext] [--fscontext] [--recontext] [--fileprovide]
            [--filerequire] [--vendorprovides] [--vendorrequires]
            [--autorollback] [--buildpolicy=<policy>] [--with=<option>]
            [--without=<option>] [--scripts]
    [ghosts@localhost Desktop]$
    Someone please help

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    looks to me like wine was working fine. You just were not pointing it towards a windows executable. Try downloading a simple windows program and running

    wine program.exe

    and see what happens
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