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    Can not install with XP, getting Error.

    When trying to install Mandrake 9.1 with XP I get the error: Drive too fragmented to continue install. Quit install and run windows defrag. I did this (several times), and I get the same error. I have installed the same OS before and no probem. Can I make Linux install?

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    Use fdisk or some third party partitioning software to add an additional, empty partition to your hd. After you free up the space, then you can install LM there.

    Why 9.1? I have 9.2 and it's great. I think I'm going to try 10.0 this weekend.

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    thanks, between you and the Admin at work

    A unix admin here at work, told me the same thing. The space has to be continuous on the hardrive. I have partition magic. He told me to make a "blank" Partition and try to install. I did this before, and it worked. What I did not like about, it was... Linux will not install on the whole "blank" partition. So, you have a little piece of a hard drive with nothing on it.
    He gave me 9.1, because I could not burn the ISO to a cd. But, I can burn his CD to a CD?? Weird. Anyway, he just downloaded 10.1 and is bringing it in tomorrow. I would love to have USB modem support. Hope 10.1 has it.

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    I would suggest installing it this way. I have just recently gotten into linux and I have since installed it on several computers using it this way.

    You need to get the Mandriva Linux LiveCD. Its free and can be found at

    Ok burn that ISO file and then follow the tutorial on this website. It's pretty much the same for most versions of linux.

    After it finds the new hardware, simply reboot with the LiveCD in the drive and click the link on the desktop that says Live Install.

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