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Thread: Wifi Help

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    Wifi Help

    First of all I am pretty much new to Linux. I burned a Mandriva live 2006, to test it out before decidiing to shrink my windows partition and install and what not. I am loving it. My only problem is wifi. I connect no problem with a cable, but wifi is what I want.

    First of all, what I have. I am using a presario v5000. I cant remember the wlan card at the moment, but I can find it if needed. Since its a laptop I like using wifi. If I can get it to work I guess I will have to jump off the linux try out bus and go back to damn windows

    I have read I need to install a program or something, and use the windows driver...but it confused and lost me. Basically what I need is a noob guide. I dont understand commands, but if someone can help me I will be able to learn fast.

    Someone help me out...I want Linux, but if I cant use wifi, I give up.

    PS: I used Fedora and read into it to, and dont have a clue with that eiher...

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    Hi Wasney.

    I'm fairly new to all this myself, But I have found that you have to do some back-round reading and trying out commands, to get a better understanding of how things hang together, the following sites will help for what you are after.......

    I hope the information will be of some use.


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    Well mandriva 2007 comes with ndiswrapper built in not too sure about 06'. As for the driver if its compaq based its more than likely a broadcom wireless driver. You can google broadcom wireless driver for linux, or you can insert disc and get off it that came with pc. It's and .inf file your searching for.

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    So I was gettin mad with 2006 , and decided to say screw is and got myself the 2007 live cd....and after copying my window drivers onto a zip drive I was able to import them to linux and got the wifi working. It was so easy with 2007, since it had ndiswrapper already installed...

    Thanks for all your help, it made a major difference.

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