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    Adding bin tools

    Hello, I ran a shell script that placed some files in usr/local/arm-elf/bin and I am supposed to add that "Path" I succesfully did it in a terminal using the
    export PATH:..........:$PATH command but then I have to do that every time I open a terminal, according to the research that I have done I have to add a line to the /home/(usr)/.bash_profile file but I can't seem to get it to work.
    Here is the .bash_profile if it is any good! The underlined portion being what I added! The dir that I need to add is usr/local/arm-elf/bin/
    ANy help would be great!
    # .bash_profile

    # Initialize keychain if needed
    if [ -r $HOME/.ssh/identity -o -r $HOME/.ssh/id_dsa -o -r $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa ]; then
    if [ ! -d $HOME/.keychain ]; then

    # Get the aliases and functions
    if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then
    . ~/.bashrc

    # User specific environment and startup programs

    export PATH


    export PATH
    unset USERNAME

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    Ok i figure it out I just had to put the $Path at the start instead of at the end!
    Thanks for the help that I know that I would have got!

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