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    You computer clearly can run the installer. What do you mean you can't interact with the opening screen? What opening screen is that?
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    it is a bluish screen that offers 6 options - including install mandriva, help,

    I can actually get to the help option at, but not much help is actually offered.

    I found this screen through autorun.exe in a folder called dosutils

    a little bit more info - when I click on autorun.exe it takes a few minutes to look through the cd and extract files before the autorun screen opens.

    It is open on my computer now, it has the following options:

    install mandriva linux
    install mandriva linux using floppy
    join the ml community
    discover our online store
    receive assistance
    keep your computer up to date

    when i click on install there is no response whatsoever

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    Are you booting with the CD ?
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    Mandriva was not booting from the cd, no matter what I did. So I tried ubuntu, and it is working. That is what I am running now, from cd.

    Not sure what was up with Mandriva, and it could very well have been my fault since I am so new at this! One thing though, the Ubuntu home page is much more user friendly than the Mandriva one! It totally walked me through the whole process...just what I needed!

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    How to make distrib.sqfs into iso

    Hello to everyone! I'm new in linux Mandriva i would really appreciate if anyone can help me how to turn distrib.sqfs into .iso so i can burn it into the cd,whenever i download from a site it says download mandriva metisse iso,so when im done downloading it, it's not an iso its sqfs,it's very time consuming to figure it out pls help anyone. Thnx

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