Ok here's the thing;
Is there any possibility to view thumbnails of video files (.mpg, .avi etc) in Konqueror? I've tried almost everything i could think, but yet cannot figure out what the problem is . I've installed Mplayer and Mplayerthumbs, changed the maximum file size in Previews & Meta-data and enabled "use thumbnails embedded in files" in Konqueror but still... nothing. However, i have no problem with video file thumbs in Nautilus, but i am using KDE.


Ok thanks...for your help...

I found the solution to my Video Filed preview prob.
For anyone interested, you just need to install Mplayer and then mplayerthumbs plugin. After the compilation and installation is finished, open the console and type $ mplayerthumbsconfig. A new window will open and there you can specify the path for the Mplayer executable file (eg. /usr/local/bin/mplayer).

Hope this helps