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    Mandriva won't boot

    I'm running a Win XP/Mandriva 2007 dual boot.

    I resized and moved the position of one of the linux partitions in PartitionMagic so I could create a new Windows Partition and now Mandriva won't boot, I select Linux from the boot menu and it goes to the loading screen but it just hangs before the "Press ESC for verbose mode" message and the progress bar appears.

    Is there anything I can do apart without reinstalling.
    I hadn't got much installed and no documents at risk at the moment so reformatting and reinstalling Mandriva is no problem if it's the only possible solution.

    I'm a newbie so nice clear instructions would be appreciated.
    The only change i did make was to edit lilo.conf so that Windows was the default OS but that was a couple of weeks ago and it's been working fine until i did this partitioning stuff.

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    Lilo hard-codes the hard disk address when being installed into the MBR so that it could find the kernel for loading.

    If you have moved the partition Lilo will not be able to find its way back.

    You can try Task B3 of this link to restore Lilo again.

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    Greetings from Linux.

    That did the trick........had to clean the Mandriva DVD cause it wouldn't load anything from it

    Got it working eventually

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