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    ntfs mount can only be seen by root

    Just installed mandriva for the first time, and must say quite impressed! several capabilities straight off that fedora core6 had to be taught how to do, e.g. mount ntfs, play AVIs.

    One slight problem though: my ntfs mount (/dev/hdd1) can only be seen by root.
    normally, its permissions are

    obviously i want them to be dr-xr-xr-x

    now, its /etc/fstab line is currently

    /dev/hdd1 /mnt/windows ntfs ro 0 0

    on FC6 I would have just changed it to
    /dev/hdd1 /mnt/windows ntfs ro,umask=0555 0 0

    but on mandriva this just makes the permissions

    I 've got a suspision it could be to do with the fact i selected 'paranoid' security level when configuring it. I'm beginning to regret that... can I change it to just 'higher' once it's installed?

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    I think you have the bits reversed. Use umask=0222 (or even umask=0).

    man 2 umask says, "Specifically, permissions in the umask are turned off..."

    You may also want to consider adding options like intr,_netdev,soft,bg,users.

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    I'm not entirely an expert at this

    I'm attempting to mount my ntfs drives, but once they are mounted I still don't have permissions to access them. I'm using chmod while logged in as root , but I get this response:

    [root@localhost media]# chmod u=rwx win_Games
    chmod: changing permissions of `win_Games': Read-only file system

    and nothing happens to the permissions. Any ideas?

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    Linux has NTFS read only access out of box. you can't write in NTFS partitions. install ntfs-3g package for NTFS write access.

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