This is my first day ever on linux, I got tired of windows. I installed Mandriva powerpack 2007 today, but I couldent get any sound. Someone suggested that I install ALSA drivers. I extracted with arc, and am compiling with the terminal. everything goes swell up until it asks me this:

Run 'modprobe snd-xxxx' where xxxx is the name of your card.
Note: All ALSA ISA drivers support ISA PnP natively, so you don't need
isapnptools any more. Don't use both together. It will
conflict. For disabling the ALSA ISA PnP support, specify
--with-isapnp=no configure switch.

I have a Creative Audigy soundblaster platinum eX. So how do I figure out what my card is, where I type in the xxxx?