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Thread: VNC issues

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    VNC issues

    -I have a Mandriva 2007 machine, I would like to access it from a windows machine as it is gonig off-site.

    -I went to Application > System > Configuration > Packaging > Install, Remove, and Update Software.

    -Then I expanded the Networking tab on the left and clicked on Remote Access.

    -I checked off all VNC options and went through some other options just incase.

    -I cannot access my Mandriva machine and was wondering if I am missing a config somewhere or if I have to allow that type of traffic through the IPtables. I don't think it is that as I have allowed all traffic through. (Security not an issue)

    If anyone has some hints I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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    what type of network on the Linux end are you running into?
    if the Linux box is behind a firewall, you might need to get permissions to get through the firewall
    (linux box->firewall/router/VPN/switches/hubs->Internet<-your connection<-Win pc running VNC)
    most "local" Domain Names wont allow access to internal addressing, unless you get the Go from your Admin, then he/she might tell you a little bit more about the infastructure...

    hope this helps.

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    I got the VNC to work, it was under a different service name: x0rfbserver

    I am the administrator for our network and we do a lot of testing with new PC's, software, distros, yadda yadda.
    There is no blocking of anything internally going on.

    Right now the x0rfbserver is the service for the VNC.
    When I type in 'x0rfbserver' it starts up the little window and we can VNC into the machine.
    I am trying to get that to run on boot so that we can run the machine bare.
    I just need to add the /usr/bin/x0rfbserver to the correct file that will enable the VNC on boot.

    I have tried to edit the init.d, rc.1-6, some other files that didnt do anything either.

    Again, I appreciate all the help.

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