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    Can't install Mandrake

    I'm experimenting with various distros. LinuxQuestion's poll says Mandrake is downloaded most (most used I assume) so I'd like to try it. I downloaded Mandrake 10.1 Official and the md5sum was correct so I burned it. I've tried to install Mandrake several times, with different downloads and burnings and it always stalls at the same spot.

    I put the first disk or DVD in. It appears to start correctly. The first screen says Press F1 for more options. Press Enter to install or upgrade. And then when you press Enter a line at the bottom goes from left to right to indicate progress. After that it says Detecting USB devices. ... Then on a black screen it says Proceeding please wait. Next line says ...probing for serial ports. Then it gets graphical with an x for a pointer then a regular pointer. Next a screen comes up to select the language. The default is English. I select it by clicking Next. Next is the license screen. I select Accept by punching its radio button and hitting Next. The next screen consists of a big grey box. At the top of which it says Please wait. In the middle it says: Installing driver for disk/IDE[SCSI]hardware_raid|firewire nVidia Corp.| And at the bottom is a tiny watch icon. But it stops here. I've waited as long as half an hour. I think maybe I need to make an adjustment to the BIOS but I just don't know.

    I have an AMD 64 x2 machine, with 3 GB of memory and a 200 GB HD.

    Does anybody out there know what I need to do?



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    Hi - this reminds me of early problems I had with Mandriva (well ... it used to be called Mandrake). It's most likely a hardware issue as Mandrake (pre-10.x versions) always did have a tendency to stall with certain setups.

    I would consider using a later version of 'Mandy'. I've stayed with 2006, but you might want to get hold of 2007 and use that. You'll find more stability and a much faster boot time with that. Avoid ver. 2005 LE. I didn't like that distro.

    Sounds like it's your hdd it's having trouble with.
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