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    Red face Desktop Icons With Multiple Desktops

    Hi all.

    This is a fairly small and unimportant question. I was quite unsure whether to bother starting a new thread for it. But the worst that could happen is that it gets ignored.

    One of the wonderful things that drew me to the linux gui is the multiple desktops. I've really grown to love them and have them organised by tasks I do on them (graphic work, Internet, games etc)

    My question is, can I have different desktop shortcuts on the different desktops?

    for example, firefox and gaim icons on my internet desktop. Blender and gimp on the graphics one.

    They are all independently configured with colours and wallpapes, etc. So I see no reason why they shouldnt have their own Icons.

    Can anyone shed any light on whether this is possible and if so, how I would go about it.

    I know this is a very minor issue. but any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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    Currently I don't think its possible. It could be possible in the near future becaue this seems like a feature that gets requested a lot.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    If it can't be done at the moment I guess I'll just live without it. But it's good to hear that others would be interested in that feature as well.

    I'll keep my eyes on the forums and release changes and see if it crops up.

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    hi! I know there is a small piece of software can help

    it's call vdesk (open-source)

    download it from here

    after you've installed it (including adding the software into one of the directories in $PATH).

    make a small shell script like this:

    vdesk 0

    0 will take you to the first desk top.
    1 will take you to the second .

    now, if you write the script this way:

    vdesk 0 && gnome-terminal

    then when everytime you click on the shortcut. it will brings you to desktop 0 and open a gnome-terminal for you.

    (there is a flash video on the vdesk website demonstrating the concept in action)

    Don't forget to make these scripts executable

    chmod 755 /path/to/the/

    add desktop shortcuts of the scripts and enjoy !

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