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    Optimum Machine Specification for Mandriva 2007

    I've just landed a new job and the boss asked me to write a spec for the machine I want to be built. Now Ive been using Madriva 2007 since it was released but had some Issues with my video card which have still not fully been resolved and I dont want this to happen when I get my machine ordered.

    So my question is can anyone suggest a tried and tested or recommended spec for a machine ? Which setup do you use ? Where did you buy from ?

    I am a developer and will be using it for coding - not games or such like.

    Many thanks

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    Any intel chipset will work fine, I'd recommend at least an i955. To be honest even if you aren't running games it's nice to run an nVidia card for lots of reasons. I'm sure lots of people here will spec you up some powerhouse but these days a good safe and clean running system should have about 1GB of RAM, if you are running a processor intensive system or testing a lot try looking for a decent dual-core. I prefer AMD but Intel are actually performing better at the moment and for less money, so maybe a Core Duo 6600 or similar.

    If your coding is around databases, I don't think it'd be unreasonable to bump RAM up to 2GB or even more if they are hosted on your machine. Generally I have had good experiences with Gigabyte, Asus and Abit motherboards.

    As an aside, look for some good cooling. Not neccesarily heat-sensitive stacks of high rpm fans, but a large case with a few constant low speed 120mm fans will be both quiet and help your performance.

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