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    Exclamation Help, im trapped in init 3


    I tried to so some work installing a driver for my ATI video card and the instructions i was reading told me to go to Konsole and type "init 3", so i did.

    Then i went into that full screen sort of konsole looking thing. Then, not knowing how to get out of it - and being the idiot that i am, i started pressing all the buttons on the keyboard and other stupid stuff.

    Soon i realised that ctrl+alt+delete restarts the computer so i got out of it. BUT now when ever i start linux, im dual booting with mandriva and XP, it straight off comes up only with that full screen konsole thing and i cannot get back to normal mandriva!

    I've tried typing alot of things, exit logout etc... But nothing works.

    How do i get back to normal.


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    You are probably at init 5 but your graphics drivers aren't loading. That thing you are looking at isn't a full screen konsole, it is the terminal and no graphical display is loading.

    Are there any errors displayed? Try logging in as root in the terminal and running

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    Can you check you X log in /var/log and see if there is anything smelling in there? Hope xfs is started!

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    Cannot connect to x server
    startx doesnt work it says it cannot connect.

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    Is XFS started?? Check /etc/init.d/xfs status and check the logs in /var/log/X....

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    i type xfs and something comes up about it trying to open a whole bunch of folders but it cannot (any way of taking a screenshot or something - dont want to write it all down). and nothing happens when i type /etc/init.d/xfs.

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    /etc/init.d/nfs status. if it is stopped, start it by /etc/init.d/xfs restart. then try startx after that. check what u have in /etc/inittab as well. check the run-level for xfs. it has to be up and running before starting x.

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    I'll do it now.

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    Ok, what exactally am i ment to be doing? At the moment im doing this:

    Starting linux, it comes up with that full screen konsole/init 5 thing
    i type my username/password
    i type su then password
    then im typing what you've told me to type and nothing happens.

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