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    Question Mandriva 2007, Cedega

    i new using linux and maybe this is a dumb question but here it is,
    im trying to install a game using cedega on mandriva 2007,
    i try to installed as a user but it didn't let me,
    had to open a terminal log in as root, (using the su stuff),
    i was able to install the game after a long time (didn't know how to mount a image),
    but the problem is this. where the game was installed only root can access those files,
    and i can't find a way to log in as root if is not using the terminal, i need to go to the
    directory that the game was installed so i can be able to replace an .exe file so i can be able to play the game, and i really have try many things but none of them seem to work,
    if some one can tell me a command on the terminal that will allow me to replace that file with the one that works or any other way to replace or overwrite that file

    appreciate any help.

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    Linux Guru bigtomrodney's Avatar
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    It sounds like you ran the install as root. You only need to mount the drive as root, you can run the rest as a regular user. the best thing to do would be to change the ownership of the files to your account. You will need to be root to do this. Let's say the cedega folder is .cedega
    chown -R Jimenesp:users .cedega
    See if it runs then. Always backup your directory before trying anything like this.

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    Linux Newbie jnike's Avatar
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    Post Re: I need help!

    Hi Jimenesp,

    There is away round your current problems, using MCC Mandrive Control Centre, you can create a group called gameusers,(for example) place all users you wish to have access or permisson to any games you may install in the near future.

    Using the same MCC, under system or security, you can grant access to all games to your current user, you may have created, when installing Mandriva 2007.

    Sorry about being a bit vague not at my linux host at present.

    I hope you find this useful.


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    i mounted the iso file as root like you guys told me, and then try to install the game NFSU2 as drake that is my username, but when i try to install the game it seems that is loading but then it stops when i try to install as a normal user, i can only install a game as root and i hav to open cedega with tha terminal , i really have problems with the permission stuff, i did what you guys told me with the chown command, this is what i did

    as root on the terminal i put

    chown -R root:drake /root/.cedega (i think i did it wrong) how should i do it

    but i still can't access the information that is under root

    the folder root it has a red X and i can't access it even if i try to go to it using the terminal
    it just says access denied.

    where cedega installs the game is in this directory

    /root/.cedega/NFSU2/c_drive/Program Files/EA GAMES/Need for Speed Underground 2

    but the one i can't access is only

    /drake/.cedega/ and there the only game i have install is the one that cedega
    came with that is flatout and that i can only play it as root.

    i can't install or play if i am as a normal user and it the log in windowd when i try to log in as user it says "root logins are not allowed" i don't know why.

    please help me it's getting into my nervsssss.

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    sorry that i didn't aswear back, is that i was without internet, but anyway i fix my problem and now this game run like a dream on linux, i didn't believe that actually the games will run better on linux and cedega, some people told me that but, i was thinking that i will still have the same hardware so it cannot make any diference, but it does.

    thanks for the help, bigtomrodney and jnike

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