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    Chaining Commands

    Hello, I use the terminal alot and was wondering how to chain commands so that it will do more than one thing. This way I could type one command and then walk away for a while. Just as an example: I type:
    Make zip
    cd ../"nextfolder"
    make zip

    Any help would be great!

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    Post Re: commands

    Hi 007quick,

    I normally string commands together, when install a package or an application like;

    # ./confguire && make && make install

    This normally works for me....

    I hope you find this info useful.


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    ... or suppose you wanted to clear your screen, list all the files in your current directory in short form, save the output of that to a text file, and search that for files containing the word 'java'. You might try:

    clear && ls -s > saveList.txt | grep java saveList.txt

    and the output might be:

    8 javahelp2.spec

    If you need to do something like that repeatedly, you could save the commands (which can end up very complex) in a single file, defining that file as a script. So then you could do all that with just one command.

    This site is good.
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