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    Question Help, *Internet Only Connects to Limited Sites

    *update: I just noticed that my earlier conclusion was wrong, I am able to access other websites (I was typing in random sites in the address bar and I found some successful ones like my school at I am sure there are more but I don't know how I would be able to figure out which ones I can visit and which ones I can't. BUT, I am still getting a "limited kb sending/receiving" in the network monitor -- though im not sure how true that is because the websites that i was able to access seemed to load just as fast as they do in xp (im dual booting).

    Thanks for any help



    I'm completely new to linux and I just installed mandriva yesterday. Today's the first time I actually got to "use" it since I've been busy with school. I was having trouble connecting to the internet via my modem (I'm using comcast internet via an arris modem) -- I did a search and wound up here and I read about connecting via ethernet instead of usb so I tried that and restarted and it seemed to work. The tray icon said i was connected and when I opened firefox, google showed up fine (i had set it as my homepage earlier).

    Now, I went to my gmail and read my messages, etc etc. then i did a google search and when I clicked on a link it wouldn't load. Nothing would load. I tried typing in stuff in the address bar, but no website other than google websites load. I can access gmail, groups, do google searches, etc, etc but nothing else works. I tried using the other browser (konqueror?) and the same thing -- it loads up google (and the affiliated pages) but nothing else no matter how long I let it load.

    Another thing -- when I check my network monitor connections, it shows that it is 'sending' and 'receiving' at a very low rate (1-2kb).

    What should I do?
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    Most probable the problem is with your DNS setup, post the output cat /etc/resolv.conf

    Do you use DHCP?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juan Pablo
    Most probable the problem is with your DNS setup, post the output cat /etc/resolv.conf

    Do you use DHCP?
    This is what I got:



    And, yeah I think I do use dhcp. I mean, when i went into the network settings I had it automatically choose it for me and I recall that being selected.

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    im still struggling with this.... any suggestions you can throw at me would help. im not even asking for answers anymore :P I'll do the research and what not, I just would like to know what areas to be looking for? what could be the cause of this?

    if it was in windows, i'd know what to be tweaking but here i just dont know where certain things are (or how to do certain things, like execute things from the terminal)...

    thank you...

    ps -- does mandriva have a firewall that sets up automatically? i didnt install any but im just wondering if maybe one came with my download and automatically installed and is running. if so, where would i find it (the settings panel so i can adjust/disable it, i mean)?

    also, kind of a long shot i know, but a software firewall in xp wouldn't be able to block/limit my internet in linux would it???

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