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    nvidia glxgears missing


    This is kind of a leading question, I'm trying to get xgl setup and am wondering if this is part of the problem.
    I have used the last nvidia official driver package that includes my graphics card, geforce2, its NVIDIA-etc-9631.
    Mandriva 2007 free.

    The script runs fine apart from complaining about pkg-config and sdk-development. Once installed glxinfo output looks good and opengl games like tux racer work perfectly. nvidia-settings reports no problems nor does Xorg.log

    There is, however no glxgears. Can anyone tell me why this is. I think this indicates a problem.
    I'm trying to to all this over a dialup connection so urpmi is not an option. Otherwise I would use plf drivers.


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    In most Linux distributions, glxgears is part of the package mesa-utils, though I'm not sure there is such a package in Mandriva.
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    I feel a bit stupid and lazy, glxgears is in /usr/bin, I don't know why locate didn't find the file but after your email I searched for the file within the rpm database and found it.
    I'm onto the next stage of the problem now, xgl and the white screen.
    Thanks for the reply.


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