hello. i am new at linux..
I followed this guide (http://www.markadavis.org/vgntxn15.html) and installed mandriva 2007. however, i have a few problems with it.

1.) what is bootload? Ask me after installation.there are two places i can choose or skip

2.)The wireless doesnt seem to work when I try to configure my Intel 3945BG. I went to IPW3945.sourceforge.net and couldnt install iee80211. it says make is not a command or something... i tried to update my kernel but it says no such package.. *please help, this is very important for me....

3.) i couldnt find 1366x 768 for my monitor. (I am using TXN15 VAIO)

4.) it told me to replace something, after it found my bluetooth device.

thank you for helpping me.