I have a dual-boot system that runs Windows Me and (formerly) Mandrake 10.1. I was never able to get Mandrake 10.1 to run my Belkin (RaLink 2500) wireless card, even using NdisWrapper, so the Mandrake partition fell into disuse (even forgot the root password - another story; anyway..). Now that the native Linux drivers are available for my wireless card, I realized that I was way too much of a newbee (and did not have source code in /etc/src/...) to try to rebuild a Kernal and all the RaLink 2500 drivers are being supplied as source only; I realized I was better off with a fresh install, hoping that Mandriva 2007 would support my card (thankfully, it does).

Now my problem is that when Mandrake is booted, the X11 system does not start. I am simply dumped to the bash prompt to login. Once I have logged in, I have to type "KDE" to get into the graphical interface. StartX does not work and produces the following messages:
logfile: "var/log/Xorg.0.log"
configuration file "/etc/X11/xorg.conf"
using vt 7
(EE) AIGLX: DRI module not loaded

anyway, logging in and typing "kde" works to get it running, but when it is time to shutdown or log off, it only "logs off" and the computer does not go back to the prompt or shutdown... It's in never-never land somewhere. The only way I can get it to shutdown far enough to cleanly unmount the FS's is to login as root and use the "poweroff" command. All these "workarounds" are OK for me, but my windows-loving household (whom I am trying to wean), won't tolerate this (besides, I don't want to give them the root password to shutdown).

Mandrake 10.1 had this nice little login screen with everybody's name and Icon, etc, and they just clicked on their name and logged in. When they were done, there were options to end the session, shutdown, restart, etc... After I installed Mandriva 2007, it is gone. I tried to "Configure your computer" => "System" => "Choose the display manager...". It then tells me a brief description of the X11 Display manager (which sounds like what I am missing). I click OK to that, and it then says that the package needs to be installed and asks if I want to install it.. I click OK to that.. After a short "Please wait" box, it says "Could not install the package!".

I have searched and searched the internet for this issue, but no one seems to have had this problem before.