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    mandriva2007 freeDVD, usb keyboard problem


    I'm trying to install mandriva 2007 free from a bootable dvd which has been used successfully on another pc. This pc is a dell dimension 9200 with only usb connections for keyboard and mouse. It boots into the install menu with boot from harddisk the default option, the keyboard or mouse however do not react at this stage.
    My experience with mandriva has been that its got excellent usb support, everything I've thrown at it before has always been plug n play.
    I'm facing the adage, the more the haste the less the speed as I only have this afternoon to get this sorted for my brother so if anyone would like to throw out a suggestion... I had expected to be working on post install problems at this stage.
    I have a lot of linux experience so I'm willing to try anything. I'm thinking right now about looking into a bootloader solution.
    I have tried plugging out all but the keyboard and tested it in every usb slot.
    And various bios settings.

    thanks for any help,

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    The obvious solution worked. I burned all.img from the install dvd onto a cdrw, booted from that and continued the install.

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    Mandriva won't accept USB keyboard for install.

    I just downloaded the Mandriva Spring 2007 DVD.
    md5sum is fine.
    I booted it but it refuses to accept the USB keyboard!!!
    No keyboard means it only defaults to 'boot from hard-drive' which takes the PC to Ubuntu and the keyboard is fine.

    My PC (Dell-Ubuntu E520N) has only USB keyboard and mouse. No option to plug in an older keyboard.

    I don't follow the all.img action. I can find that on the DVD but copying it to a CD-RW won't boot. What was the 'obvious solution' I cannot see?

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    A little info from the forum over at madrivausers:
    No USB support when installing 2007.1 -
    Mandriva has declared it a Dell BIOS bug.
    Personally I think it's something to do with their use of graphics in the boot menu. I tried 20 Distro's CDs/DVDs. Only Mandriva (PCLinuxOS) and SuSE have this "Dell BIOS bug". Both use custom graphics in the boot menu. A connection?
    The quick fix is install from a CD that defaults to "Install" so the keyboard is not needed at the initial boot menu.

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