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    To be honest mate, windows is a HD-Space "eater", I would suggest you get a bigger hard drive (that 7Gb will not last long). As for the "Unknown Partition", if you have a modern PC, you will find that there is no "System Restore CD", but instead, its stored on your hard-drive. This caused problems for me, until I created an extended partition! My advice would be to not delete this partition (once deleted, if you ever want to restore your system to it's factory defaults, tough, it's gone. Most PC vendor's will refuse to give you a system restore disc or download, it's gone forever, and you'll have to buy windows XP on CD (which would be a bummer))

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    Yes, be careful with the unknown FAT partitions as they are probably system restore partitions and if you erase them you may be SOL in the event you have problems with your Windows partition.

    Also, I would have to agree that the three partitions bordered in green are typical linux partitioning schemes. Dual boot is a neat thing to do, but nowadays with live CDs, I recommend this since it is generally a safe bet that nothing will happen to your Windows files. I have resized many Windows partitions with Mandrakes excellent partitioning tool and bootloader (LILO), but why risk it?

    Also, with the cost of a good Plll with 256mb RAM for about $75, I also recommend using a second PC to install Linux and learn by trash 'n splash.

    Hope this helps.....

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    That last partition is the emergency restore partition the manufacturer placed on your computer in the factory. The idea is that if XP went belly-up you would hit F11 during boot-up and the desktop/laptop would be reset back to the way it was when you bought it.

    Unfortunately, installing Linux renders this function useless......

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