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    Installation of Mandriva 2007.1

    Dear members!

    First of all, I am a new Linux-user looking for a distribution that is suitable for me. I am a home-user (can be called „green”).
    My hardware is an Acer Aspire 3103nLm (mSempron3400+, ati radeon x1100)

    I used to try mdv2007.0 but I could froze in not once. But this was the first non-debian based distribution that looked nice for me. This was the reason why I decided to try 2007.1.

    I downloaded the one-Gnome-Beijing-x86_64 (rc3) to see how it worked (especially the ati-driver). I installed it.
    Since the ati driver as well as compiz worked well (usually I do not use compiz or beryl); the wifi card (rt2500 chipset) could easily be set, I decided to download the full dvd.

    After that I downloaded the dvd version as well as one-Gnome version. Both were official i586 type.
    Well, as you can see I changed the architecture of the downloaded media. it was because I need to use skype. (now I know that skype works on 64bit version…).
    So, I installed the dvd version (not under virtual machine) because it supports Hungarian language quite well.
    And I was surprised. The ati driver does not work properly, even though the settings were the same as they were in the case of one-Gnome_64bit. Hmm… interesting. There was not ‘glxinfo’, even though the one-Gnome_64 had. Ok then, I installed the one-Gnome_32bit. Surprise: it could not boot…. Very interesting.
    Could it happen because of the 32/64bit difference?

    I changed back to the one-Gnome-Beijing_64 and work properly. The only thing that is not really comfortable is the less support of HU language. Not for me but my wife. She is not really good at English. (Neither am I, but I use ENG softwares in work…)
    To tell you the truth, the l10n and i18n files could help me to localise on a certain level (I mean some of the menus are in HU, Ooo_64bit as well, but Evolution and some others are not).
    Could the Free-DVD-x86_64 help?

    Has anybody experienced similar things?
    Thank you,

    ps.: due to the fact that my English is not really good; if the written things cannot be understood, please warn me.

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    Are you sure you did not download a corrupt dvd image?
    Just download the dvd image and check the MD5 sum.

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