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    This thread might be useful.
    I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it. - Pablo Picasso

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattgold View Post
    I had the same problem, can't remember if I set security to high when installing though. I just hit the power button when back at the login screen and the system shuts down cleanly.

    I'm sure I used to know how to change the security level, but I can't see any options in the Linux Control Center ???
    You can just start a terminal, switch to root using "su -" and enter the command "msec 2".

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    Am I thick or what?

    In Mandriva 2007 (under both KDE and Gnome) shutdown is accessed by Right Clicking in an open desktop space.

    Up comes a short menu with "Log Out name of user" at the bottom.
    Left click on the "Log Out ....".

    Now a Shutdown, Restart etc panel appears. Choose SHUTDOWN.

    If this fails to work ( and it sometimes happens to me) right click once more and choose Log Out.

    Lastly, you can shutdown by opening a terminal window and typing "su" followed by your root password.
    Next type "shutdown now"

    And that is about it


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    Splendid & simple

    Thanks for keeping this going guys 'n gals but I'm sort of pulling my hair out a bit.
    All this stuff is BASIC and I wouldn't have expected an O.S. which is claimed to be better than XP to be so basically inept.
    I won't even mention Vista. I have no intention of lining Microsoft's pocket at all if I can help it. They are ripping us Brits off left right and centre.
    I really love the complete open source philosophy attached to Linux and am likely to keep trying until I bust a gut but it's a difficult transition.
    In my meanderings so far, I've tried installing Madriva, OpenSuse, Linspire, Ubuntu and a couple more. All of them look and feel very good once they're installed. The problem comes afterwards. For instance, my Speedtouch broadband modem just isn't there as far as each distro is concerned. I've now ordered a router so here's hoping!!!!
    My printer and scanner don't show up. The printer is just a brand new HP Photosmart 5160 and even though the drivers are supposedly installed (they show up as the 5100) it just won't work. I can't even find drivers for my Medion scanner.
    When I try and install some of my favourite Linux progs, such as Google Earth I hit another problem. I can't just click on a "setup" file and watch it go ahead.
    I have a pretty good working company website which I do myself but I just can't for the life of me get flash working on Mozilla which is my favourite browser, or any other browser as well.
    All the tars and gz's in the world don't mean a thing to me. I know there's a learning curve to this and I'm still sticking at it as I really hate to be beaten by anything but it seems to me that if more effort was put into the basics such as these then there'd be a bigger uptake of users.
    There are so many distros out there and each has its own merits but surely there should be some commonality between them on such basics as making an installation setup procedure that worked on all of them by just clicking on a setup icon or something.
    Right now, I have Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn on one drive, OpenSuse on another and Mandriva on my laptop, oh and Linspire on a spare drive I use from a caddy for connecting to any computer I happen to be near to, so you can't say I'm not trying. I got all of these distros for free then spent a bloody fortune on buying Linuz Mags to read.
    I still don't have a clue how to install from a non self executing file. Terminal means zilch to me. I can get it open of course and type something in but I haven't actually got anywhere with it yet.
    If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it.
    Just take me through an Ubuntu setup of Google earth, step by step and I'm sure it'll be a useful starting point.
    My system is set so I have the desktop appear without any need for a password on boot but then anything I try and do after, such as install anything, I have to enter the password. I know this is needed but I just want to explain so that any offers of help know where I am and what my system is set up like.
    Oh, if anyone can do a step by step driver install for my scanner, Medion MD9385 this would also open my eyes on how to install hardware.
    This is one totally screwed up newbie here.

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    I understand your frustrations and we all experience Linux differently, for some it's harder than it is for others. It was very hard for me because in the beginning I had no internet connection so I had to download something from school, come home, try it not working, go back to school, pop a question at forums, try another package...etc.

    However what I found to be a good thing is to stick with one distro and working it problem at a time. It didn't help me switching from one distro to another. Today I run Debian without problems (that doesn't make me a tech-god but at least I don't have any problems doing it) Anyway, for installing software on Linux, here's a link that will show you how to install software from about any kind in Linux.

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